I just got my Enthusiast Magazine yesterday, I read the article by Bruce and John on the 190SL Market current market conditions with great interest. Well done guys. From my recent experiences in the market, you are dead on, and you put it better than I could have -- from someone who is a seller.

While I like driving my car, and while it drives like a tank, in the best sense of the metaphor, my principal interest in purchasing mine was the great enjoyment I had in putting my car back on the road. I did a lot of the work myself; and I outsourced jobs I couldn't do, like painting the underside, or couldn't do well, like putting in a new windshield. I *loved* doing those jobs which I could and the research, mostly on this site. I hope that came through in my article last year. And I only would sell her now because the work is done and I want to move on to another....

To add to the article a bit:

1. The market does have too many of these now, that's for sure. And each time I talk to a potential private buyer, and before they'd visit or send someone, I always hear "I cannot tell the difference between them, why is yours better, more original, etc" -- this is very hard to answer. I always say, send someone. When I sold my 65 Corvette to a Dutch buyer, he contacted the local Corvette club, they got a guy from 2 miles from here who was a walking expert to visit and check it out for very little money...not as easy or cheap when buying one of our cars. So the 'glut' is worse than too many cars, it is the confusion over the good ones and the 'pigs with lipstick.'

2. Here is some info about the upcoming 2017 expected auction market: As I lowered my price listed here, I said, "I'll take her to auction in the Spring if she doesn't sell now" and then I contacted 3 auction houses. I have a lot of pictures and some nice words, and I think the car speaks for itself. They all got to see those. One auction house would not do a reserve for under $250k. They're out. Both the other auction companies, who were not at all interested in seeing the car themselves, wanted me to put a reserve which was too low (approx the price I've listed here), but after entry fees, shipping, and 10% selling fees, I would get $12-15k less. No deal. (I won't regret that, the market could go down further, but it could also rise too, and I don't have to sell.)

So a car which Bonhams saw 2 years ago, regarded as a 2+, and which they agreed to a $140k or $150k Reserve -- is now down, I think, to a $105-110k reserve. I think I need to lower my insurance!!! So we are talking about a one-third decrease in value 'auction-wise'. It's the vagaries of the markets.

Again, great article, and great help to me! (and it looks like I'll get to keep her and enjoy her again next year)