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Thread: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

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    2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    The New Hampshire web page has now been posted, the registration form finalized and registration is available in the club store.

    Bob Merrell has done a wonderful job of pulling together the spectacular fall colors of new england in the fall with tours and events that will make it very memorable. Our host hotel is the Eagle Mountain House, a turn of the century wood resort with the charm to compliment our cars. Jackson, NH is a charming town with a restored main street.

    Bill Jones as also planned an excellent three day tour of the Maine coast as part of the After-the-Ball.

    The registration cost has been held down to $125 per person (with a $50 discount for first time spouses).

    Check out the convention web page, make your plans and register early.
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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13



    We're up in the corner of the country. To get here, if you drive, you'll pass some pretty and interesting country.

    Coming from the west?

    *New York state: There’s more to NY than the City. Its a beautiful and historic state.

    Hammondsport : The Glenn Curtis Museum. Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss was from here.

    The Erie Canal- Connection to the Great Lakes.

    West Point- US Military Academy and Revolutionary War strong point on the Hudson River. *Colonials put a huge chain across the river to block British ships passing. *Defeating the chain would have to be done under the guns of the fort. The treason of Benedict Arnold involved espionage against West Point.

    Fort Ticonderoga, on the west shore of Lake Champlain, controlling passage up and down the lake. Taken by Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys by surprising the British garrison. The guns and munitions were removed and used by the Americans to force the British fleet from Boston harbor.

    Adirondack Park- A large area set aside from normal development for preservation and recreation

    Hwy 9, along the Hudson, Roosevelt's Hyde Park home, Old Rhinebeck airport and antique airshows, birthplace of Martin VanBuren, *Old Kinderhook. Said to have initiated the expression OK by affixing his abbreviated nickname to documents. Note: The origin of OK is not a settled matter.


    Vermont: Due to time limitations, *we wont be able to cover Vermont on our drives. If you come that way, Vt 100 is a road to drive. Montpelier is a uniquely small and attractive capital city. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream plant has tours, as does Cabot Cheese in Cabot (very interesting ). Knight's Spider Web Store-Check it out in Williamstown.

    Coming from the South?

    Massachusetts - Lots to see and do here, too much to list. One of the centers of the Revolution. *US Park Service has a walking tour of historic Boston that ends up at the Old North Church *(think Paul Revere's ride) and just a short walk from USS Constitution, *Old Ironsides, still a commissioned ship of the US Navy.The Berkshires in western MA is a beautiful area with a nice north south 190SL route.

    Springfield-Early industrial center. The Springfield Armory museum is really something, *and it's free! The Indian Motorcycle museum is now combined into a complex of several museums. I only saw it when it was a stand-alone. *Estha Manthos, a one time employee at the Indian Factory ran the museum and was a font of knowledge of the Marque. She's passed away but left contents to the new museum.

    Did you know Rolls Royce's were once built in Springfield?

    Ipswich, Essex area- Woodman's restaurant is said to be the originator of fried onion rings and their fried clams are famous. Look online for other places of this sort.


    Connecticut - Lots here, too. USCG Academy, the USS Nautilus open for visitors, Mystic Seaport, half the insurance industry in the US around Hartford *(the rest seems to be in Iowa and Nebraska ). Mark Twain's and Harriet Beecher Stowe's Hartford homes.


    And finally:


    NH-Parts we won't officially visit: Portsmouth has lots of history, original old houses down along the river, Strawberry Bank colonial area, the John Paul Jones house, lots of good food and drink. Also, there's an

    interesting harbor tour that highlights the Portsmoutn Naval Yard Submarine facility (actually in Maine).

    Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier, Brown's Lobster pound, and Newick's are places to check. This will be on the way home for many.


    Maine- **Besides the ATB tours, down the coast on your way out is Wiscasset, home of reknown lobster rolls, the Bath Iron Works and Maine Maritime Museum, Freeport with its outlet stores and LL Bean.


    Also, if you're coming from the Michigan area, cutting through Ontario and Quebec might be a suitable route to take. You could come into, or back into, the US at Niagara or south of Montreal on Canada Rt 55/US I-91


    There's good information, *hours, etc, online for a lot of this. This is by no means comprehensive.


    Rhode Island - Don't blink. No, seriously, it's the Ocean State, Newport, *mansions, Narragansett Bay, and probably the real birthplace of religious freedom in the United States. Roger Williams, a Rhode Island pioneer, set the tone. Google him to see how significant this was.

    This is a starter. If you have attractions to suggest, please share here with all.

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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    I just finished booking my hotels for the trip north. I plan on being there Monday evening and all day Tuesday. Heading back south Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
    Dean Segovis - Owner Resto-Euro LLC

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    take In HERSHEY on your way

    Take in Hershey on your way... The eastern meet in Hershey PA is scheduled for October 5-7. Anyone headed from the west may want to stop at the swap meet!
    Bill Sandefer
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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    I will be at Hershey showing my 67 Camaro on Saturday. Leaving first thing Sunday for the convention. If anyone is in Hershey say hi on Saturday! See you in Jackson!
    Bryan Shook
    Collector Car Law -

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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    You approach the time of your October convention.
    Of course I can not be there but envy is so much ... :-)
    I send you our picture to be present at least with the spirit!
    A photo is me and my family while the other one is taken at our last convention near Siena (Italy)
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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    Could a list of attendees be posted before the meet?
    Henry Magno
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    Re: 2017 New Hampshire Convention Information; Oct 9-13

    If anyone is going through Allentown / Bethlehem on the way to NH let me know. My store is just off I-78 in Kutztown.

    I'm leaving on Sunday for Massachusetts and then Monday to NH. I'm bringing my mostly finished '66 250SE Cabrio.

    Paul Greenblatt
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