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Thread: Club Judges in the Northwest

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    Club Judges in the Northwest

    Hello all,

    I put my car into the concourse show this weekend in Portland OR. I didn't place but what really bothered me was they do not provide your score or deduction sheet. My car had similar little errors like the best class but I have no idea how I did. Is this common not to get your judging sheet? I also am wondering if there are any of our judges in the northwest. I would love to have my car reviewed for improvements.
    Gerry Lazo
    56 190SL (6500870)

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    Re: Club Judges in the Northwest

    Gerry .... To my knowledge, we are the one club that will provide the judging sheets. The Antique Car Club (AACA)will provide "areas that need improvement" if asked; not the sheet but a good indication of exactly where to look. I am not aware of any other group that provides any feed back. The problem occurs when feedback is provided, the owner wants to challenge the judges (the rule is that the Judges are always right). The AACA requires their judges to discuss all major deductions with the owner; this provides the owner the opportunity to provide documentation or other information that the judges may not be aware of.
    Jim Villers
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