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Thread: New Tires Time

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    New Tires Time

    It seems Vredestein via Diamond Back Tires (db is the suggested, recommended choice.
    Via phone and the website, the ones to choose, for original 13" rims, are by the DB description: 13" Vintage Mercedes - White Wall Wider 2 5/8"
    On the website these are noted as 640/700R13.
    Can anyone please confirm this is the way to go before I do the order?
    And offer up any advice if there is any?

    (I understand an up-size to 14" would be a good idea but I don't want the search, buy and paint costs for my 300 miles/year use...)

    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: New Tires Time

    they also have a redline tire in that size available. Redlines -- memories that date back to my 1960's Corvettes & college days.
    Robby Ackerman

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    Re: New Tires Time

    I am also needing to know for a 1956 190sl roadster. did anyone give you an answer?

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    Re: New Tires Time

    I got these from 4 eachMilestar MS775 P175/80R13 86S WSW ($56.32/ea) $225.28 in October of 2017. Direct link: and the real tires look much like the pic on this site, with the 5/8 inch wide white strip.

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