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Thread: No start and running out of ideas

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    Re: No start and running out of ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by jedwards View Post
    Hi Roland,
    I'm super aware of the roll that bad plugs can play, so I rotate between several sets that I clean up using the company's ultrasonic cleaner. Over the years I've develope a mothod that seems to work very well.

    I was hoping that might have been it. I was stunned at the time. BTW, that same NGK tech told me one cannot properly clean 'well fouled' plugs. I don't try anymore, I simply replace.
    Roland W.

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    Re: No start and running out of ideas


    I think the simple answer, especially for me, a musician not a gear head would be to tow it back to the restorer and have him fix it!



    My 0.02
    1956 190SL


    Mark LeVang

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    Re: No start and running out of ideas

    I have reliable start, good idle, with ample power. Very pleased.
    I am not entirely sure what the "straw that broken the Camel's back" was, but got there in the end.

    I "believe" that stripping down the carbs, and blowing out all the jets and passages was crucial.
    Then I followed Jim's advise and blocked off both secondary barrels to simplify the carburettor situation.
    I then replaced the high tension leads and plugs and adjusted the timing frog he umpteenth time.
    I then achieved lift off.

    I expect the new pair of webers to arrive next week, so I can see for myself which carburettor performs the best in my car.

    Thanks so much for everyone’s input and advice. I would not have got there without it.

    Now I’m really looking forward to the weekend when I can enjoy he car to the fullest, for he first time.

    regards and thanks

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