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Thread: Rear axles are out ...

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    Rear axles are out ...

    Hello Fellow 190SL Enthusiasts,

    I’m hoping to please get some insight of what might be involved with separating the left axle tube from the 3rd member?
    My present situation is that I have removed my rear end and both axles to replace the wheel bearings, seals, all the rubber bushings, and shocks. And at this time, the 3rd member/differential does not need servicing.
    Ideally, i would like to thoroughly clean and powder coat everything except the 3rd member. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make sense of my manual on just how to separate the left axle tube from the 3rd member?
    The right axle tube removal was pretty straight forward, thanks in part to the huge resource of this forum. But now I’m honestly a little nervous about disturbing the pumpkin...
    Is my anxiety warranted? Should I maybe nix the idea of powder coating the left axle...
    Or is there a simple approach that I missing?
    Btw - I have obviously removed the 6 or so bolts that secure the left axle tube to the 3rd member, applied lubricant, and delivered several gentle tap, tap, taps. But no sign of it budging...
    any insight please on what I’m missing here is appreciated!

    Thank you,
    1956 190SL (6502361)
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    Re: Rear axles are out ...

    Hello!!!! I don't have much help for you, but I see you are body number 6502361.

    My car was next in line!!! 6502362

    Very cool... where are you located?


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