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Thread: Off she goes!!!!!!

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    Off she goes!!!!!!

    Spent the last couple of weekends stripping down the car. Drove it to a shop 1/2 hour away like this. Thankfully, I remembered the hand signals I was taught in drivers ed. 40+ years ago. I am not sure if anybody else on the road understood why I was waving in my left arm around outside of the car.
    Hopefully have something pretty post in about six months.
    Any recommendations on rechroming of the trunk start 190SL and other pot metal items?

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    Re: Off she goes!!!!!!

    Hi Dr Bob,
    Its a very exctiing time, so I hope all goes extremely well for you.

    My personal experince with Pot metal rechroming is that it rarely works and l have always ended up replacing pot metal items for new, as it is cheaper in the long run than rejecting costly plating and having to buy new anyway.

    My 190SL was certainly like that as was my 250SL. My later 107 series was a bit better on the pot metal stakes, but not by much.

    Do it once, do it right and chalk it down to the cost of restoring a truly worthwhile car.

    That's my experience , for what its worth.

    good luck,
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