Just spent two weeks taking in the annual car shows and auctions in the Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Pebble Beach area. Noticed that this year’s auction attendance was way down compared to the last few years.


Saw only three 190SLs in two weeks. One white one at the Classic Car show in Pacific Grove, one white one driving up the Carmel Valley road, and a light yellow one at Worldwide Auctions at the Golf Course in Pacific Grove.

According to the owner of the 190SL at Worldwide Auctions, it was a total restoration. It looked perfect except to me the color was a bit too much yellow (The owner said he had trouble getting the color just right). It sold for $110K. Not much considering that a total restoration can cost about $100K.

300SL and my favorite Shelby Cobra prices were way down too. There were five Cobras at the Pacific Grove Classic Show (but only one was authentic).

As usual, the Classic Car and Little Car Shows in Pacific Grove were great. My wife won a nice basket of Paso Robles, Napa Valley, and Carmel Valley cabernet sauvignon wines in a raffle at the Little Car Show.

And the weather was perfect,