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Thread: Windshield Washer Bladder/ Wiper Motor

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    Windshield Washer Bladder/ Wiper Motor


    I have an early style hand-pump washer. The bladder inside crumbled. Looking for a replacement. In addition, looking for a wiper motor that returns to home when it is shut off. Mine just stops where it is on the windshield...

    (Not that I'll ever run them or spray water on the windshield.....)
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    Mark LeVang

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    Re: Windshield Washer Bladder/ Wiper Motor

    Quote Originally Posted by momsfudge59 View Post
    I have an early style hand-pump washer. The bladder inside crumbled. Looking for a replacement.
    I've not found a good solution yet.

    Authentic classics sells Maybe it might fit some other Mercedes, but it certainly doesn't fit the hand pump in my 190sl. Its outlet is much too small to fit on pipe it is supposed to fit on.

    What I am using now (as much as I ever use it) is a bulb from a de-soldering tool. I had to trim it to fit, and it doesn't quite push the handle back out like it should, but it does manage to get some moisture onto the windshield.
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    Re: Windshield Washer Bladder/ Wiper Motor


    Here are some viable alternatives.

    Hand Operated Windshield Washer Pump.

    Suggestions for REPLACEMENT bulb.

    Use a rubber bulb from the end of an anti-freeze tester.

    Use Radio Shack disordering bulb model 64-2086. This is a nice heavy rubber bulb and is a good fit. Simply remove the plastic tip and it fits nicely over the existing nozzle.

    Ear wash bulb from your local Drug store.
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    Re: Windshield Washer Bladder/ Wiper Motor

    I purchased one from authentic classics and yes, it is much too small as it was originally manufactured. However, I cut off enough until the opening would fit the shaft. No problems with the outcome...
    Rob Lias
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