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Thread: Steering Box Lower Seal

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    Steering Box Lower Seal

    Is the earlier steering box lower seal 40mm or 42mm O.D.?
    (The changeover of the lower seal of the steering box was at chassis #21120 (about May 1961) My 1961 is just before that. I received a 40 mm O.D. (part # 002 997 47 46) but I need a 42 mm O.D. Contacting the part supplier (K&K) they think I don't have the original steering box (most likely not the case). New seal part # 002 997 72 46 (various #s for old seal, what I apparently need) The price difference (with a couple of venders) is quite a bit, which one is more expensive might help. )

    Thank you.

    Walter S.
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    Re: Steering Box Lower Seal

    If you can’t find the 42mm, search online for an oil seal as o.d x i.d. x thickness. Any reputable companies seal will be of equal quality to the original. SKF, Timkin, Chicago Rawhide, and National to name a few.


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