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Thread: 2008 Convention - Laguna Beach, CA

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    A quick update:

    So far,
    –103 registered members (+kids, and a handful that will be showing up the day of)
    –33 190 SLs so far
    –Attendees from over 20 states
    – Classic Center is ready for take off (they have four major car events to participate in between now and Sunday)
    – the "check list" has been checked off!
    ...and my wife is still standing and speaking to me (dazed, but standing)
    Shaping up to be a great event!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,
    Best, Bill & Linda

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    Mar 2004

    I for one really apprecaite all the hard work you both have done for our club, putting the convention together. It's going to be an exciting event for all in attendence. I know I'm looking forward to all the events that I will be able to attend.

    Best regards,
    Richard J. Arnold
    1958 190SL
    Original Owner - Actor Yul Brynner

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