From Bill Johnson:
Jim, Here is another candidate for the website. I just heard back from this guy
this morning. I forwarded the info to Dave Polny, Will Samples and Brad Brady.
They are the only ones who have contacted me with questions about shipping
cars. I looked at your route through Scottsbluff and I like it. I didn't look
far enough east of Laramie (I always turn southwest at Ogallala and follow the
South Platte). That is the wagon train route. See how far away you can see
Scotts Bluff. It was a target for those travelers. I also found motels in
Riverton in the mid $70s and Lander in the mid $80s for the 6th of September.
If that could be your last stop outside the park it would shorten the next day
by a couple of hours (from Casper or Rawlins). That means more time to stop on
the way through the Park. I will send a revision for the website. Thanks. Bill

Shipping and Towing of Cars

We finally got info on a guy at the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealership willing to accept cars and hold them for you. His contact information is:

Kenny Simpson
Robert Allen Mercedes-Benz
300 North 5th Street
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

I asked if it might be possible to get the dealership courtesy car to pick owners up and drop them off at the airport. See what you can negotiate. Pocatello is the only city around Yellowstone with both an airport and a Mercedes-Benz. Note that the scheduled service into Pocatello consists of four flights daily to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is about 170 miles away on I-15.

1) Semis will not be able to deliver to the Old Faithful area. Individual car haulers can come all the way in.
2) Pocatello is still a few hours away from the Old Faithful area.
3) The dealership will be closed Sunday, September 6th, and Monday, Labor Day.

Other thoughts:
The closest a semi can get to the Old Faithful area is West Yellowstone. From there, it is about 35 miles on Park roads to Old Faithful.
I don’t think there are any car dealers in West Yellowstone. Does anybody have any thoughts on a pick-up and drop-off point other than an M-B dealer?
There are car dealers in Cody, about 100 miles east of Old Faithful. The road in from Cody is significantly more mountainous than the West Yellowstone entrance.