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Thread: Awards Committee - Proposed Recommendations

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    Awards Committee - Proposed Recommendations

    An Awards Committee has been formed by the Board to review the existing awards of the Club to determine if any additions, changes or improvements were needed. The Committee is chaired by Brad Brady, and has received feedback from numerous Club members. Our approach to reviewing the Club awards was not to begin with the existing awards and status quo of what the Club has been providing, but rather to utilize our cumulative knowledge and experience, and then begin with a clean slate to develop what should be the best system of awards and recognition for the Club. The following information is being provided for your review and comment. We ask that you review the following proposed ideas with an open mind and a desire to continually improve the quality of the Club whenever possible.

    The purpose of the awards and designations of the Club should be to promote participation in Club activities, attendance at Club functions, the use and enjoyment of our cars, and to recognize exceptional accomplishments.

    Concours Awards:
    There shall be two categories of judged competition available to 1955 to 1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL automobiles at each national convention: 1) the annual Mercedes-Benz 190SL Concours d’Elegance; and 2) the Special or Modified Award of Excellence. Within the Concours d’Elegance, entrants may also compete for special recognition through two additional awards: 1) The Founders Award; and 2) Best of Show.

    The Mercedes-Benz 190SL Concours d’Elegance
    At each annual national convention of the International 190SL Group, there shall be a Concours d’Elegance competition. The cars of each entrant shall be judged against a 100-point judging standard as to the condition of the car as originally manufactured, and may be eligible to earn one of three level distinctions. The three levels shall be called either: 1) First Place, Second Place or Third Place; 2) First Class, Second Class, Third Class; or 3) Gold Level, Silver Level or Bronze Level.

    The Judging Committee shall determine the actual point differentiation for each level, but the point differentiation would appear, for example only:
    1. First Place: 95.0 – 100
    2. Second Place: 90.0 – 94.99
    3. Third Place: 80.0 – 89.99

    There shall be no limit as to the number of times a car may subsequently be entered for competition (and owners shall be encouraged to re-enter their cars).

    Special or Modified Award of Excellence
    Cars that have been modified from their original condition as produced by the factory or made into a recreation are ineligible for the Concours d’Elegance, but instead may be entered into the Special or Modified Award of Excellence competition. Examples of such modifications include the 190SLR, the all-electric propulsion 190SL (recently shown at the Yellowstone convention), and the recreation of the original prototype 190SL. Judging criteria shall be left to the discretion of the senior judging team, and will be awarded based upon the level of detail, craftsmanship and final execution of the project car. It is anticipated that there will be few entrants in the Special or Modified Award of Excellence category, and therefore there may be some years without any competition. Special or Modified Award of Excellence recipients may receive the award only once per vehicle.

    The Founders Award
    Club members who achieve a First, Second or Third Place Concours designation, and who can document that a specified level of the restoration was performed solely by the Club member, shall also be recognized with The Founders Award. The Club member must be the owner of the car. This award may be received only once per each car restored, even if the owner performs subsequent restorations on the same car. [Note: The judging criteria will need to be developed to differentiate those items considered acceptable to be contracted to others, and those items which must be performed by the owner.]

    Best of Show
    Only from those cars that achieve a First Place designation, the car with the highest number of points shall also be awarded the designation of Best of Show. If no cars achieve a First Place designation during a Concours d’Elegance, then no Best of Show may be awarded. Once a car has been awarded Best of Show, it may be re-entered in subsequent Concours d’Elegance competitions, but is not eligible to receive a Best of Show designation for a period of five years thereafter.

    Other Awards at the National Convention:

    Peoples Choice Award
    At each annual national convention of the International 190SL Group, there shall be a Peoples Choice competition. The cars of Peoples Choice entrants shall not have entered their cars in the Concours d’Elegance competition, but may have been entered for consideration of the Special or Modified Award of Excellence. The Peoples Choice Award is a popularity vote for the favorite car, and shall be selected by secret ballot of all the Club members in attendance at the convention.

    Merle Wogoman Award
    The Wogoman Award shall be determined by a vote of the Board of Directors and awarded to the convention attendee who experiences the most significant mechanical difficulties in driving a 190SL to the convention.

    The Drivers Award
    Any Club member who can document driving a 190SL more than 1,000 miles to attend the convention shall receive special recognition and be presented with the The Drivers Award.

    The Co-Pilot Award
    Any person who accompanies a Club member that receives The Drivers Award, and was present during the duration of the trip in a 190SL, shall receive special recognition and be presented with The Co-Pilot Award.

    Membership Recognition
    A Club member that can document 25 years of membership in the International 190SL Group shall receive individual recognition and be awarded with a special silver Club nametag.

    Discretionary Recognition
    Whenever applicable, the following discretionary recognition may be awarded:
    1. Greatest Potential: Recognition to the car driven to the convention that best exemplifies the greatest potential for improvement (i.e. a “work in progress,” “ugly duckling,” or “We don’t know how it even made it here.”).
    2. Longest Distance Driven: Recognition to the Club member who can document the furthest distance driven to the convention in a 190SL.

    Judge Certification
    Club members who have successfully completed one of the five Judging Schools, and who have successfully completed the duties of judging the same category in one national Concours d’Elegance competition, shall be awarded a Judge Certification in the respective category.

    Master Judge
    A Club member who has successfully obtained all five Judge Certifications shall also be recognized with the certification of Master Judge.

    Doug Steane Award
    If a rally, gymkhana or other type of driving competition is held at a national convention, the winning driver or team may be awarded the Doug Steane Award.

    Max Hoffman Award
    The Max Hoffman Award is a discretionary award of distinction as approved by the Board of Directors, and is presented to an individual or business that has demonstrated excellence in furthering the Mercedes-Benz 190SL or the International 190SL Group. The award is not necessarily presented at each annual convention, but rather when only deemed appropriate.

    Ron Rapp Award
    The Ron Rapp Award is the most prestigious award to be presented by the Club, and is a discretionary award from the Board of Directors. The award is not necessarily awarded each year, but rather only when deemed appropriate. The Ron Rapp Award may be awarded to a person or company that has exemplified excellence in service and extraordinary dedication to the advancement of the International 190SL Group.
    Brad Brady
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    Brad .... Excellent Report.

    It should be noted that the recommendation provides three places in the Founders award and that there is not a judging standard requirement for the award other than work be personally performed. This needs to be clarified, If the person receives a third place Founders award, is he no longer qualified to show in the Founders category? Should the award be for "restoration work" performed in the previous calendar year (not performed years ago)? In my thinking, this is the award that each member, who does his own work, should strive to receive. It for instance, could it be won because the member installed a "perfect" new interior during the previous year even though the rest of the car may not be show perfect. My, thoughts are that this award should reward the best restoration work by a member during the previous year. Note that I revised the award from "car" to "project" (thought it could be a full car or multiple projects).

    I believe that there needs to be a "Hosts" award to recognize the members that host a convention. My thoughts is that it is a large travelling plaque that contains a nameplate for each convention with the host and sponsor's name. The plaque would be presented by the current host to next year's host at the end of the banquet.

    While I fully support "standardized" awards, I am also in favor of "local" awards that reflect the localized nature of the conventions. The "Doug Steane Award" for a rally, gymkhana or other type event should be a local award of the host's choice.

    Accompanying the "Award" issue is the "Trophy" issue. The club needs to provide significant trophies for its significant awards. I also believe that there needs to be a procedure for previous award winners to receive the standardized club trophies. Following the approval of the Awards issue, I would recommend that Brad prepare a "Trophy" report recommending the specific trophies that the club would furnish the convention host (not charged to the convention budget) and which trophies would be responsibility of the host.
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    If I am understanding the recommendations correctly, the new proposals allow for more than one Concours entrant to earn an award in each of the 3 levels based on the point differentiations. If your car achieves the designated points you receive an award. If this is correct, it's not only a great suggestion but will definitely increase the member participation in the Concours competition!

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    The Drivers Award
    (Any Club member who can document driving a 190SL more than 1,000 miles to attend the convention shall receive special recognition and be presented with the The Drivers Award.)

    Q: Is this 1000 miles ea way or round trip?
    Roland W.

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    I agree with the comments of Jim Villers on the standardization of "Club" trophy awards from year to year. I also believe that there should be a standardized "Club" award that can be displayed on the car to indicate the award(s) received. This kind of award would provide advertising for the club and would readily indicate the quality of cars the club values. The standardization of awards should not necessarily be extended to the "local" level.

    Pete S.
    Pete Schmid
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    One more comment. I don't think that it is practical to have the Wogoman Award determined by a vote of the Board of Directors. The Wogoman currently, more or less, has been awarded by the previous year winner. That could be formalized by it being awarded by the previous Wogoman award winners present. The Wogoman is more of a fun award; an award that is "not given, but earned".
    Jim Villers
    1961 190SL, 230SL 5-speed, MGB 5-speed, Porsche 356C; 1967 Porsche 911; 1950 Jeep CJ3A

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