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Thread: 2011 Convention - Concours d'Elegance

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    2011 Convention - Concours d'Elegance

    The Concours and Peoples Choice judging will take place on Tuesday afternoon (which provides Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning for preparation). The judging awards will be changed this year so that all cars compete against the judging standard, and not against the other cars present. In past years, only the top three cars were awarded prizes. If there were 10 near-perfect cars in competition, only the top three received awards. Now cars may receive awards in three categories so that if there are 10 quality cars, all 10 would receive awards. Of the top level cars, the car receiving the highest number of points will be awarded Best of Show.

    With these new judging awards, we are encouraging club members to begin preparing their cars now, and bring them to the 2011 Concours. Even if you have entered the Concours before, we want you to bring your car back (previous Best of Show winners may still receive awards for their category, but are not eligible for Best of Show for the following four years). Please note that because of the anticipated number of awards to be given, there will be a modest entrants fee to help offset the cost of the awards.

    I am interested in receiving feedback about having the judging take place on the first full day, instead of the last full day. I have received feedback from previous years entrants that they preferred to be judged at the beginning of the convention so that they could then enjoy driving their cars during the road tours. The counter to this procedure is that some people want to attend only one day of the convention (the Concours day followed that evening by the banquet), and the new procedure places the Concours on a Tuesday and the banquet on Thursday night. So what do you think - keep the events on the same day for people that can only attend for one day, or judge the cars early so that they then can be driven? It is still early so that the dates can be changed if the new schedule is unpopular.

    Also, I don't believe we have had an "entry" fee for the Concours before, but there were also only three awards. Conceivably, every quality car entered may now receive an award. How do you feel about a modest entry fee to help offset the cost of the awards (instead of having the convention fee charged everyone be increased to cover the cost)? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Hi Brad, looks great.

    I like the idea of early judging and being able to enjoy one's car for the rest of the convention without the added worry of having to compete in a Concours. You might even consider a traditional morning judging, so that entrants may join your planned gymkhana or leave their cars for observation and discussion by club members in the afternoon.

    Something else to consider is when the awarding of the Concours results will occur. As you know, we've traditionally done it at the banquet, but that would be two days later, a pretty long wait for both the owners and gallery. Concours d'elegance competitions we've both attended, always present the awards right after the judging, when anticipation and excitement is at its highest. I believe the Ferrari club, who always does 1st day Concours at their conventions, for the reasons you are considering, present the awards the same day. I'm not positive. It might work out nicely to present the Concours judging awards in the field at the end of judging, while presenting the many other club awards at the banquet and perhaps reacknowledging the Concours winners. An added advantage is that all the cars are displayed during the awarding and you might even consider the drive up to the dais like other venues. My feeling is this is a 190 SL Convention and whatever we can do to play up our cars, maintain a level of excitement and keep the cars, and their owner's hard work, front and center, is a worthy goal.

    What are you planning as the cost of entering the Concours and what is the anticipated cost of attending the convention?

    Looks like Virginia is going to be a beautiful place for a convention and that you've taken pains to make this a special one (not that they all aren't).
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    Looks like a great event. Is there an updated Concours scoring sheet and maybe the judging rules/guidelines that could be shared with the group?

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