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Thread: Correct Tool to retorque Head bolts

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    Correct Tool to retorque Head bolts

    My apologies in advance for what will seem to many, to be a really dumb question.

    I need to retorque my head bolts now that I have travelled 100 miles on my recently rebuilt engine. As I dont have the right sized allen key socket for this job, I need to go shopping to get one.

    The Head bolts are M8, so is the correct tool called an M8 Alan Key socket, or is the correct one sized to the the diagonal width of the hex recess?

    In other words, does an M8 Alan Socket fit an M8 Socket Head Bolt?


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    Re: Correct Tool to retorque Head bolts

    Best to get a metric Allen Bit Socket set. They are cheap enough and eventually you will use most of them.

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    Re: Correct Tool to retorque Head bolts

    Hi Jeff,

    Per an M8 SHCS takes a 6mm hex driver.

    ejboyd5 is right, a set of hex drivers (socket bits) is cheap and useful. You NEED one.

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