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    Current Registration List

    Time to register! Here is the current registration list currently numbering 101.

    Ackerman, Robby
    Adams, Bruce
    Ainsworth, Bill & Lindia
    Alarcon, Ricardo
    Anderson, Gael & John
    Bettencourt, George & Lynn
    Camargo, Gelson
    Clendenin, Bob and Linda Lusk
    Cote, Jeff (MB Classic Center)
    Coomber, Dave and Munira
    Correa, Raul
    Delgado, Albert and Terry
    Drabik, Don and Kathy
    Draude, Thomas and Kim
    English, Jack and Terri
    Freese, Don and Shirley
    Gervait, Marc
    Gilbert, Kip and Vickie
    Gibson, Dale and Ann Mapp
    Hamilton, Tom and Marilyn
    Hay, David and June
    Herrmann, Michael Mary Jo and Joseph
    Hubbard, George and Margery
    Huey, James & Evelyne
    Johnson, Bill and Cheri Ferbrache
    Jordan, Chris & Tom Murray
    Klapperich, Frank
    Latham, Sandy & David
    Lewenauer, John and Linda
    Lovell, Ellis and Margaret
    Mango, Henry
    Maiocco, Steve and Jane
    McCorquodale, John and Juliette VanAgteren
    McCrary, Philip & Pam
    McWhinnie, Jen
    Merrell, Bob & Chris
    Niebuhr, Bengt
    Parker, Paula and Brian
    Parrott, Roger
    Pierce, Greg
    Polney, Dave
    Puryear, Walter and Valerie
    Rohde, Willie and Jaro Gerlach
    Rotta, Larry and Susan
    Sandefer, Bill
    Schmidt, Christian
    Sellge, Rolf
    Smith, Herschel and Pam
    Smithwick, Gary
    Spiher, Charlie
    Spitzmiller, Larry and Susan
    Star, Stanley and Elizabeth
    Statkiewicz, Robert
    Teasley, Anna & Henry
    Todd, William
    Trimble, Bruce and Renee
    VanMeter, Kent and Carol
    Villers, Jim and Betty
    Westphal, Mary Anne and Ken Lowman
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